Biography of Ali Marashi

Ali Marashi, pianist and composer, born in 1978, a graduate of the Tehran Conservatory, began his professional career in 1998. He has released three official albums, The Bluest, Magical Dream and Magical Dance for piano and orchestra.

He has performed various performances and recitals in Tehran and other cities. One of his performances was performed in Persepolis with the sponsorship of Navayeh Klavieh Company.

Ali Marashi has had extensive activities in the field of pop rock singing, and among his important works, we can mention the popular music cover of I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor, which has been performed in both English and Persian languages. The album “Magical Dance” for piano is his latest work.

The album includes six tracks entitled “Magical Dance”, “Nostalgia Dance”, “Road of Memories”, “Blue Eyes”, “A Beautiful Day” and “Rondo”.

The first two tracks of this collection are rhythmic and are a combination of Iranian pop and Jazz music. The third piece, entitled “Road of Memories”, is arranged for piano and is dedicated to the international singer Andy “Andranik Madadian”.

The track “Blue Eyes” is made in the style of jazz and blues and is full of ups and downs and various modulations and has a fantasy atmosphere and the piece “A beautiful day” which is in the style of jazz-pop, is very soothing.

“Rondo” is also in the classic pop style and is powerful and made and played with high technique.